Top 10 Beer Kits

If you’re looking for a holiday gift for a friend, or even something interesting for yourself, why not invest in a beer kit. Beer kits provide you with everything that you’d need to brew your own beer at home. Don’t be fooled into getting cheaply made products or kits that’ll leave you with a sour taste in your mouth, so to make things easier, here’s a list of the top beer kits you can get online.

1. Coopers Brewery DIY Beer Kit
Coopers Brewery Beer Kit is the highest rated beer kit on Amazon. This kit allows you to make 6 gallons of delicious beer right at home without difficulty. The kit comes with all the ingredients you’ll need to start brewing right away, as well as an instructional DVD-ROM and step by step instructions.

2. Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Microbrewery System
Mr. Beer’s Premium Microbrew System is a great starter kit for anyone interested in homebrewed beer. The kit includes all the necessary ingredients you’ll need to brew 2-1/2 gallons of premium microbrew beer at home. With this kit, there’s no need to buy any equipment or ingredients, and the kit comes complete with instructions and a cleansing cleaner to disinfect and clear the brewing equipment.

3. Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit
Once again Mr. Beer appears on the list with the Gold Edition Home Brew Kit. The kit comes with all the necessary equipment to make Classic American Blonde Ale and Cowboy Golden Lager. With easy to follow instructions and quality ingredients, this kit is great for the beginner or advanced home brewer.

4. Mr. Beer Deluxe Edition Home Microbrewery System
Mr. Beer’s Deluxe Microbrew System is a small step down from the premium microbrew system, but is a great investment for the novice home brewer. This kit can craft 2-1/2 gallons of quality West Coast Pale Ale microbrew.

5. Superior Home Brew Beer Kit
Superior Home Brew Beer Kit has everything you’ll need to begin brewing quality beer at home. This kit is missing a stockpot, which is why it’s lower on the list. But the equipment provided within this kit is of great quality, but for the beginner, this kit is perfect.

6. Starter Home Brewery With Organic India Pale Ale Ingredients
For those interested in organic beer this kit is perfect. This starter kit provides everything you’ll need to brew 5 gallons of organic Pale Ale. This kit also includes “The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing,” by Charlie Papazian, so users have a better understanding of the home brewing process.

7. Mr. Root Beer Home Root Beer Kit
If you’re not interested in alcoholic beverages, this root beer kit is perfect for you. It comes complete with everything you’ll need to brew delicious root beer right inside your home.

8. Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit (K6) with 6 Gallon Glass Carboy
Monster Brew Home Brewing Supplies brings the Gold Complete Beer Kit with all the equipment you’ll need to start brewing right away. The only downside is that ingredients are sold separately, but the equipment is top notch.

9. Mr Beer 20629 Brewmaster’s Select Home Beer-Making Kit
The Brewmaster’s Kit is a beginner brew set for people who want to start making their own beer at home. This is not a kit for the advanced brew maker, but is best for a novice.

10. Home Brewing Equipment Kit with Brew Beer Making with Carboy
By Midwest Home brewing Supplies the Home Brewing Equitment Kit has all the equipment, plus some more, that you’ll need to start brewing. Although this kit does not have ingredients, the plethora of equipment, as well as the instructional DVD makes this a great investment.

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